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Red gear

The light and its forms | The red staircase | first part

A red ring on the blue background

Black lines on a green background

The green flames

Colored flames


Green flower bubbles

Green square on a red background

Green squares

Distortion of blue space

Surreal sunset scene

Red skyscraper

From space 1999

the world

A window on the heaven

alien landscape

The light and its forms | Columns in the square | first part

The light and its forms | The green footbridge in the castle – first part

The light and its forms | The capital

Milan under construction | fifth

Milan under construction | first

Milan under construction | four

Milan under construction | third

Light designs the architecture | Milano in pills

The light and its forms | Door with cross | first part

The gash

Osmosis | Blue lines in the sky

Osmosis | Balconies on the sky

Osmosis | Columns under the heaven


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